Reflecting nature.

Faux walls and plants.

Exclusively selected artificial plants, trees and walls.



2 475 kr

Olive tree

2 695 kr

Fig tree

2 995 kr


2 995 kr

Maintenence free office plants

Plant interior, choosing artificial plants and walls for offices and other business premises gives a vivid and invitning, without the need of time. By Faux helps you create beautiful and inspiring environments with a rich plant life that stays beautiful regardless of circumstances. And the quality is so good that you can only feel the difference when touched.



With artificial plants from By Faux you never have to think about allergies, location, care or lightening conditions.

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    Artificial plants

    Artificial flowers, silk flowers, faux botanical, fabric flowers and plastic flowers, they all have many names. If you do not have the time and ability to take care of real plants, but want something easy to handle, we recommend that you choose artificial plants and trees. We offer artificial plants of all shapes, sizes and colors to create realistic greenery. With artificial plants from By Faux you never have to think about allergies, placement, care or lighting conditions.



    Carefully selected plants for offices, homes and public environments. From classic ivy to trendy strelitza.



    From the small to the really big tree. Let the trees move inside and enjoy beautiful lush greenery all year round.



    Artificial plant walls provide maintenance-free greenery. Living walls for all environments.


    These pieces never fade


    By Faux wants you to always have it beautiful around you. Plants are part of our well-being and should only be enjoyable, not require time and care. By Faux creates vibrant homes and environments with beautifully artificial plants, trees and plant walls that become a natural part of the interior. Timeless and durable. By Faux is the way to furnish the future.


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      The story

      It was after an inspirational trip to Mallorca, Spain that I realized that there was a lack of exclusive and carefully selected artificial plants, trees and walls on the market. Inspired by the interior design and fashion industry, I created By Faux to reintroduce artificial plants, trees and walls into different environments. The sustainability of the plants allows them to be used and reused in various constellations and forms in all infinity. It gives our products an obvious place in every modern company, hotel and school.

      With By Faux, we will give new light to artificial plants, trees and plant walls and create beautiful, timeless and sustainable environments.


      Linda Forsberg

      Be inspired


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