Explore our plantwall premium, where green plants are integrated in a natural and impactful way. Inspired by our nature, the combination of grass, ivy, ferns, and juniper reflects the Nordic greenery. Artificial plantwalls can be used to enhance the experience in a room, create lush and sound-absorbing walls, or to introduce green plants into rooms with limited floor space.


Allowing panels of artificial Scandinavian moss to cover an entire wall, or a portion of a surface, becomes an appreciated focal point to rest one’s eyes upon. With a mosswall, the significant greenery is integrated into your environment in a impactful and straightforward manner.

Plantwalls from By Faux suit all types of indoor environments. For example, rooms with high ceilings or cramped spaces, where maintenance, light, and watering, which real plants require, are otherwise challenging – here, it is no problem for artificial plants to be installed. Environments such as schools, restaurants, shops, sports halls, and swimming pools are suitable for artificial plant walls.

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Create a welcoming indoor environment with our artificial plantwalls for offices and public spaces.

Indoor plantwalls are maintenance-free and with their durable design intended to be used for a very long time. Since we spend so many hours at work, it’s important to truly feel comfortable. An important part of the work environment is, of course, the plants; whether live or artificial, the green color contributes to creating a calm atmosphere, resulting in less stress, which we know has positive health effects.

Placing plant walls indoors in an office environment provides a more lively and creative atmosphere.

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outdoor plantwalls

Our maintenance-free artificial outdoor plantwalls are made of recyclable polyethylene that withstands weather and UV radiation, making them long-lasting and durable.

Create unique outdoor environments by using different plant walls and forming patterns and formations. Additionally, water consumption is reduced in areas with water scarcity, and the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers is minimized, which is beneficial for the environment.

Take advantage of the benefits of artificial outdoor plantwalls and enjoy a beautiful and sustainable outdoor environment.

How it works


Do you need to transform a room, a wall, or a property? Our design department will assist you with options. Also, browse through our gallery for inspiration.

2. Measure the area

Measure the area you want to create, height and width in millimeters. If you have a professional design drawing, even better.

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3. Optional

Here you can choose to add sound absorbers for better acoustics or include nature sounds and birdsong


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We deliver all over Sweden and have experienced installers who assist with professional installation. If you prefer to install the plant walls yourself, simple instructions are included.


  • Beautiful and realistic panels
  • Options for various designs
  • Easy installation and cleaning
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Fire and UV-safe.
Lösningar för högljudda miljöer


Nowadays, you don’t have to choose between green plantwalls and sound absorbers; now there are plantwalls and plant panels with accompanying sound absorbers.

Various types of acoustic solutions in office environments and other public spaces are crucial parts of interior design and contribute to a better sound environment. Our sound absorber is a product made of fibers from industrial textile waste with a mix of polyester fiber and black bicomponent fiber.

It’s a self-supporting material with excellent sound absorption capabilities.

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Adding a well-suited soundscape to an indoor environment makes people who are in or pass through the space feel something extra.

Sound environments with natural sounds are often perceived as more pleasant, as silence is not a normal state for us humans.

A sound environment with natural sounds has a calming effect on us – studies show that natural sounds help us relax and lower our pulse. Adding sound to a room can also provide a masking effect, which can increase privacy.

Konstgjord mossvägg By Faux


In addition to being visually beautiful, plantwalls and mosswalls create new interior design possibilities because artificial plants can be placed anywhere, without needing to consider lighting conditions, allergies, and maintenance. The plantwalls can be mounted on most flat surfaces and only need to be sprayed and dusted occasionally.

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A maintenance-free plantwall requires minimal care and neither sunlight nor built-in irrigation systems. With a timeless design, the plant wall will be able to be used year after year. For us, sustainability means that the artificial plants never need to be replaced, possibly just relocated. All our plantwalls are made of PE (polyethylene), which is recyclable.

Grönt förstoringsglas


In addition to purchasing, we offer both rental and leasing options to provide sustainable and circular alternatives. The products are UV-resistant and suitable for outdoor use as well. During manufacturing, a fire protection (IFR) is added, making all our plant walls flame-retardant. The plant walls are not a permanent construction product but are classified as loose interior furnishings.


By Faux wants you to always have beauty around you. Flowers and plants are part of our well-being and should be enjoyable, not requiring time and care. By Faux creates vibrant homes and environments with beautifully artificial flowers and plants that become a natural part of the decor. Timeless and sustainable. By Faux is the future way of decorating.

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