At By Faux, we believe that an important part of our sustainability efforts is to develop products that stand the test of time, both in design, quality, and functionality. From a sustainability perspective, we focus on material choice and circularity, taking responsibility towards factories, suppliers, transportation, and partners.


Products from By Faux are of high quality and intended for long-term use. They can be used in new places or in entirely new contexts. They can also be returned to us to continue living in other configurations. We accept both plants and plantwalls for either renovation, reuse, or recycling.

When you as a customer purchase products from By Faux, you can be sure that you are getting products that are sustainable over time; you have invested in something with a long lifecycle – we don’t like throwaway culture. What has been produced should be able to be used again and again, thereby saving our planet’s resources, plain and simple!


All of our plantwalls are made of polyethylene, which is one of the most common plastics used today. From a sustainability perspective, polyethylene is a relatively sustainable plastic due to its low environmental impact during the production process.

Polyethylene is also a recyclable plastic and can be recycled multiple times without losing its properties. In this way, polyethylene contributes to more sustainable resource utilization and reduces the amount of waste ending up in landfills around the world.


We choose to base our focus on the United Nations’ global goals when considering what we at By Faux can contribute to. The areas we have chosen to prioritize are as follows:

Goal 5 – Gender Equality

Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-being

Goal 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

Goal 12 – Sustainable Consumption and Production

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