By Faux launches artificial walls in Germany

 The Swedish brand By Faux, which has positioned itself as the leading company in artificial plant walls is now establishing itself in Germany.


  • Since the start of By Faux, we have set our sights on Germany as a first country for expansion. When we then found the right partner in the form of Tina Werrelman, Handelsagentur für Design-Interieur, it was an easy choice to launch, says Linda Forsberg CEO of By Faux


By Faux early saw a gap in the market for carefully selected plant walls since the existing products did not measure up in terms of quality, design, durability, and options. For example, By Faux has developed a sound absorbing option plate to offer the product to a wider client base who are not only looking for green walls but also sound-absorbing walls.


  • When I first came in contact with By Faux, I saw the products potential in Germany since there is no products like it and nearly no place where the artificial plants cannot take place. I really look forward working closely with architects and dealers to help them design creative and special offices, showrooms, and public spaces where there is always a demand for a greener and maintenance free environment, says Tina Werrelman.

Tina Werrelmann

Inspired by the Nordic greenery, By Faux have designed a plant wall to reflect the Scandinavian nature. Besides being visually beautiful, the plant walls create new interior options because the artificial plants can be placed anywhere, without having to consider lighting conditions, allergies and care. The plant walls can be mounted on most flat surfaces and only needs to be sprayed and dusted off from time to time.


For more information:

Linda Forsberg, CEO By Faux
+46 731 588 139

Tina Werrelmann, Handelsagentur für Design-Interieur
+49 40-85192588

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