Sound absorbing Green Wall

You no longer need to choose between green plant walls or sound absorbents, because now there’s plant panels with built-in sound absorbent qualities. Various types of acoustic solutions in office environments and other public spaces are an important part of interior design and contributes to a better sound environment.

At By Faux we’ve always seen a demand for acoustic solutions combined with plant walls, and hence we’re very happy to now be able to offer plant walls with built-in sound isolation qualities, and our product SHAPE which consists of hexagon frames of steel with both sound absorbent and plant panels. With this solution we have made it super easy to choose plant walls in for example narrow and sometimes dark corridors that are hard to furnish. The large plant walls in our collection are best suited to cover large areas, but sometimes we need to make smaller installations without compromising on the green in form of lush plants.


About Sound and Sound Absorbents

Acoustics is the knowledge about sound. This includes how sound is generated, how it´s controlled, and above all how it’s perceived in various spaces. Most people can probably relate to how a poor sound absorption can lead to a long and unwanted reverberation in a room as sound bounces uninhibited between floor, ceiling and walls, again and again. This can be prevented by adding a certain amount of sound absorbents to the room, so that soundwaves are absorbed and the reverberation reduced. A good sound environment is associated with limited echoes, an environment in which the room has added sound absorbents to prevent the echoes and stop sound from travelling throughout the room. Spaces with dampened echoes are often perceived as more pleasant, safer, warm and welcoming.


The Material

Our sound absorber is a product of fibre from industrial textile waste with elements of polyester fibre and black bicomponent fibre. It´s a self-supporting material with excellent sound absorption qualities.


Sound Absorbing Plant Walls

Today we are veery aware of how closeness to nature affects us, both physically and mentally. Being out in nature can, for example, lead to reduced stress, strengthened cognitive ability and improved mental health. In order to capture our increased interest in nature and its positive effects, more and more people turn to nature and allow themselves to be inspired by it, and hence it´s become important to bring the green elements into our office spaces and public environments.


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