Fiddle Leaf – 3 stem

Ficus with 3 stems has a robust and stately growth habit with thick leaves in fine shades. The leaf vein is lifelike and slightly lime-colored. This Ficus is best planted in a floor-standing pot. The pot diameter is approx. 15 cm, the height approx. 17 cm.


100 cm

140 cm

Item number:

1102 (100 cm)

1130 (140 cm)

 Price request


By Faux wants you to always have beauty around you. Flowers and plants are part of our well-being and should be enjoyable, not requiring time and care. By Faux creates vibrant homes and environments with beautifully artificial flowers and plants that become a natural part of the decor. Timeless and sustainable. By Faux is the future way of decorating.

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