Living or artificial plant wall?

Many people who are faced with the choice of a green plant wall obviously consider the advantages and disadvantages of choosing an artificial or living plant wall. We have compiled a guide that shows both the advantages and disadvantages of the different options.   Artificial Plant Walls – The Benefits They are made of plastic […]

Plastic material, how bad is it really?

There are both harmless and risky plastics around us. Offering a product made of plastic, in this case plant walls made of polyethylene, certainly evokes emotions. Many today are afraid to use plastics, and to some extent wrongfully so. To know which types of plastic and plastic products we as consumers dare to choose, and […]

Sound absorbing Green Wall

You no longer need to choose between green plant walls or sound absorbents, because now there’s plant panels with built-in sound absorbent qualities. Various types of acoustic solutions in office environments and other public spaces are an important part of interior design and contributes to a better sound environment. At By Faux we’ve always seen […]

Can indoor plants really clean the air?

You´ve probably heard that plants improve air quality in your home and other indoor environments and can function as air purifiers. Plants are crucial to human life. Through photosynthesis they turn carbon dioxide that we breathe out into fresh air, and they can remove poisonous substances from the air we breathe in. Sadly, however, few […]

By Faux launches artificial walls in Germany

 The Swedish brand By Faux, which has positioned itself as the leading company in artificial plant walls is now establishing itself in Germany.   Since the start of By Faux, we have set our sights on Germany as a first country for expansion. When we then found the right partner in the form of Tina […]

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