With a plant wall, green plants are integrated into the environment in a natural and effective way. With a sense of colour, shape and decor, we at By Faux are experts on customizing plant walls to fit into environments and meet specific requirements. Artificial walls can be used to enhance the experience in a room, create lush and sound-absorbing room dividers or to bring in green walls in areas with limited floor space.

The plant wall panels come in an amazing blend of greenery and can be customized with flowers in colour to create unique walls. In just one day, our visual fitters can create a green and lush wall surface thanks to the simple and specially designed wall mounting system. The panels come in sizes 80 x 80 cm and can therefore be adapted to both large and small areas.


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Living or artificial plant wall?

Many people who are faced with the choice of a green plant wall obviously consider the advantages and disadvantages of choosing an artificial or living plant wall.

Both artificial and living plant walls have a number of common advantages, to begin with they are both green. The colour green and elements of greenery in a workplace or other public environment are said to have effects that make individuals calm and less stressed, which we know gives positive health effects.



When you choose an artificial green wall from By Faux you will have a green wall that last. And by that we mean in both design and quality. The green walls doesn´t require sunlight or maintenance. For us,  sustainability means that the artificial plants never need to be replaced, possibly change place, we are confident that the green walls will be used, reused and used again.


Besides being visually beautiful, the plant walls create new interior design possibilities because artificial plants can be placed anywhere, without having to consider lighting conditions, allergies, and care. The plant walls can be mounted on most flat surfaces and need only be sprayed and dusted from time to time, which is done with a microfibre brush with a light hand.


You can feel safe with our product in different environments. According to the stated test results, the material is referred to fire technical class B-s1, d0. Fire tested to BS EN ISO 11925–2:2010 and certified to BS EN ISO 13501–2007 + A1: 2009. The products are made of PE (polyethylene) which is recyclable. The products are UV safe and are also suitable for outdoor use.


A combined green wall and soundabsorber, now you can have both at the same time. We have designed a special fixing and have customized a soundabsorber that are placed behind the green wall you will besides have a visually beautiful room have a better acoustic environment.


  • Sound absorbers can lower the reverberation of a room, which can improve speech in the room.
  • Sound absorbers counteract the Lombard effect with incremental sound levels when calling from speakers trying to compensate for a high background level.

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By Faux wants you to always have it beautiful around you. Plants are part of our well-being and should only be enjoyable, not require time and care. By Faux creates vibrant homes and environments with beautifully artificial plants, trees and plant walls that become a natural part of the interior. Timeless and durable. By Faux is the way to furnish the future.



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