Maintenance-free plants and trees

Office enviornments

Scientists have found that plants are beneficial in office environments as access to greenery, whether it is outside the window or in the form of houseplants, provide many positive effects. Furthermore, office plants as part of the interior decoration contribute to a more lavish look, which makes the room feel more welcoming and relaxing.



At By Faux, we help companies, schools, commercial premises and other public spaces with interior decorating using maintenance-free plants. We will be with you from idea to installation. With our talented interior designers, we create everything from office environments to spectacular interior concepts using plants. For spaces with demands for care and allergy-free environments, artificial plants, trees and green walls are a sustainable alternative.



There are many preconceptions about artificial plants. Modern artificial plants are not what they used to be, when they were often found in your grandparents’ homes, on a doily, tucked away in the corner. The times of using artificial plants made from only plastic are fortunately long gone and they disappeared as early as the 1990s. Since then, production has come a long way and the plants, trees and plant walls we work with have great detail that includes variety in colors, structure and depth.


Green offices with artificial plants

Besides you own home, the office is the place where you spend the most amount of time during your waking hours.

That’s why feeling truly comfortable at work is so important. Architects and interior designers work on mapping both the conditions of a property, and the company needs in the creation of a new office environment, whether it’s a question of renovations, redevelopment, adjustments, or a completely new office. The key word for a modern office is flexibility combined with creating office environments that will last over time.



In addition to being visually beautiful, artificial plants create new interior options because they can be placed anywhere, without having to consider lighting conditions, allergies and proper care. Artificial green walls, plants and trees need to be dusted from time to time, just like other furniture and fittings.

For architects and interior designers

The green parts of any interior design is easy to forget about, both when it comes to budget and actual purchases. At an early stage we can create design proposals, ensure purchases based on your timetable and, with our skilled plant installers, ensure a finished project. We have experience of most types of projects and because conditions like placement, light or air don’t have to be considered, the possibilities are endless when using artificial plants, trees and plant walls in all types of environments and contexts.

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These pieces never fade


By Faux wants you to always have it beautiful around you. Plants are part of our well-being and should only be enjoyable, not require time and care. By Faux creates vibrant homes and environments with beautifully artificial plants, trees and plant walls that become a natural part of the interior. Timeless and durable. By Faux is the way to furnish the future.

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