With an artificial plant wall, green plants are integrated into the environment in a natural and effective way, suitable for all types of surroundings. For example, rooms with high ceilings or narrow spaces where care, maintenance and watering are difficult. Even darker spaces such as corridors that otherwise require plant lighting. Environments such as offices, schools, restaurants, shops, sports arenas and other public spaces are suitable for artificial plant walls.

It has become more common to let the wall get a material and not just a colour. We see that different materials such as wood, textiles, metal, and acoustic materials take place. Indoor plant walls fulfil several functions as they are decorative, acoustically dampening and at the same time become a decoration in the room.

Artificial plant walls can be used to enhance the experience in a room, create lush and realistic greenery in any environment with limited floor space.

Sometimes you want to make a big change and sometimes a small one. Regardless, the plant walls can be customized with both colour and size and you can transform any area in a short time, our green walls make an instant difference.

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Many people who are faced with the choice of a green plant wall obviously consider the advantages and disadvantages of choosing an artificial or living plant wall. We have compiled a guide that shows both the advantages and disadvantages of the different options.

  • Sustaniable greenery
  • Beutiful and realistic panels
  • Possiblity of different design
  • Easy installation and maintenence
  • Fire and UV safe



Do you need to transform a room, a wall or a building? Our design department can assist in alternatives. Also browse through our gallery for inspiration.


Measure the area that you want to transform, height and width. If you have a professional design drawing, it’s even better.


What panels will suit your project, we will assist in recommending the best green wall solution for your project.


We will send you a quote based on the options of artificial walls you chose.


After you accept the offer and terms we will send an order confirmation and details upon delivery.


Besides being visually beautiful, the plant walls create new interior design possibilities because artificial plants can be placed anywhere, without having to consider lighting conditions, allergies and care. The plant walls can be mounted on most flat surfaces and need only be sprayed and dusted from time to time.


When you choose an artificial green wall or panel from By Faux you will have a green wall that last. And by that we mean in both design and quality. The green walls don´t require sunlight, maintenance or water. Our recommendation is to use artificial walls where living plants have difficulty surviving, such as roofs, dark spaces, walls or environments that for various reasons cannot withstand real plants. For us, sustainability means that the artificial plants never need to be replaced, possibly changing places. But since artificial plants, trees and plant walls are not “single use plastic”, we are confident that the plants will be used, reused and used again.

Inspired by our Nordic greenery, we have designed a plant wall to reflect the Scandinavian nature. Grass, ivy, ferns and juniper in a ready-combined mix. With a plant wall, green plants are integrated into the environment in a natural and effective way.

  • 3 year warrenty
  • The panels measure 80 x 80 cm
  • Weight, 7 kilo
  • Fire and UV stabile
  • Reaction to fire clasification: B-s1, d0. BS EN ISO 13501-1:2007+A1:2009
  • Made of PE (polythene)

Plants wall indoor

Plants have an incredible impact on wellbeing and performance, which is why it is important to have greenery in environments where people work and stay. Real or artificial plants, it is the feeling that is important, not whether it is genuine or not. At By Faux, we advocate a mix of both so that you can take advantage of all the benefits of real plants while enjoying the carefree maintenance of the artificial plants and the endless interior design options.

Suitable places for plant walls

Public enviorment

These pieces never fade

By Faux wants you to always have it beautiful around you. Plants are part of our well-being and should only be enjoyable, not require time and care. By Faux creates vibrant homes and environments with beautifully artificial plants, trees and plant walls that become a natural part of the interior. Timeless and durable. By Faux is the way to furnish the future.

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